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7 Key Players That Have Made the Los Angeles Lakers Champions

How did it all begin? The Lakers' name originates from the years they played in Minneapolis, Minnesota. "Lakers" refers to the huge cargo-hauling ships that traveled along the Great Lakes.

When thinking about or discussing the Los Angeles Lakers, one word comes to mind: "excellence." Since joining the NBA in 1960, the Lakers have been the epitome of success.

  • 1 Jul 2017

A Short Version of the Long New York Knicks History

Since becoming one of the NBA's original teams, the New York Knicks have had tremendous success in the NBA. They have played in numerous playoffs, and have won two NBA championships.

Who are the New York Yankees of the NBA? The Boston Celtics have won 16 NBA Championships, while the Los Angeles/Minneapolis Lakers have won 14.

  • 8 Jul 2017
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6 Jul 2017
Posted By Arlene C.

The Philadelphia 76ers Have Created a City of Basketball Love

You have probably heard of the Philadelphia 76ers, but have you heard of the Philadelphia Warriors or the Syracuse Nationals? The Philadelphia Warriors played in the NBA from 1961-1962, before moving to San Francisco. Fortunately for basketball fans in the "City of Brotherly Love," the Syracuse Nationals moved to Philadelphia, prior to the 1963-1964 season. The Nationals would become the 76ers. This was due to a "name the team" contest that a man named Walt Stahlberg won.
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